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Parenting Orders are legally enforceable care arrangements for children. They can be issued by the Family Court if there is an agreement between parents (and in some situations, grandparents) and the Family Court agrees that the proposed terms represent the best interests of the child or children. If there is no agreement, the Family Court will instead decide the care arrangements which it thinks reflects the best interests of the child or children. 

Parenting Orders can help to solve disputes about post-separation co-parenting problems such as parental responsibility, living arrangements, changeovers, arrangements on special occasions (for example, birthdays and Christmas holidays), communication (for example, phone calls or video calls), passports and holiday travel arrangements, and injunctions to protect children from risk of harm. Parenting Orders cannot include orders about child support. 

Court orders must be strictly followed and obeyed. If Court Orders are breached or not followed there can be serious consequences including reprimands, fines, and imprisonment.