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KDK Family Law successful in interim relocation of client and two children.

Sheila Dass of KDK Family Law has recently been successful following an Interim Argument and Judgment relating to a client who sought to relocate with her two children from Perth to another State. 

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The Application for relocation was based on the following facts, namely:

  1. The client was the primary parent of the two children who were under the age of 18 years;
  1. The client sought to relocate on the basis of greater employment prospects;
  1. The other party worked in a FIFO role and proposed that whilst away from Perth, his extended family and parents could care for the children in his absence, often for up to two to three weeks at a time;
  1. The parties had achieved a property settlement some years ago;
  1. If the client was not successful in her relocation application, then she would leave Perth in any event;
  1. The client proposed that the other party care for the children whilst in Perth on the basis he lived here full-time and ceased working in a FIFO capacity which he opposed;
  1. The other party refused to consider the possibility of relocating to the other State, notwithstanding it may very well have been possible for him to commute from the other State to Perth to his FIFO role for his employment.

Ultimately the matter was heard and determined in the Family Court of Western Australia and Ms Dass was successful on behalf of the client.

In the event you are making an Application or seeking to defend an Interim Relocation, or relocation generally, please do not hesitate to contact one of the lawyers from our office for an appointment.

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