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Recent decision – Change of child’s school SUMMARY

KDK Family Law was recently instructed in relation to an Application to change a child’s school in circumstances whereby:

Children support law

Relevant information on the case:

  1. Each parent had enrolled the child unbeknown to them in an alternative school.
  1. At the commencement of the school year, the Education Department made a ruling that the child could only be enrolled in one school and therefore terminated one of the two enrolments.
  1. Our client then instructed us to file an urgent Application which was listed for argument and Judgment delivered earlier this year.
  1. The child had a half-sibling at the school the Mother had enrolled the child in.
  1. The parties lived approximately 45 minutes drive from each other and the school they each enrolled the child in was far closer to their residence than the other party’s residence.
  1. Following the argument, ultimately the client of our firm was successful and the child’s school ultimately changed.

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