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Request for an urgent hearing to be granted in the Family Court

A comprehensive context

In circumstances in which time is of the significance, you have the option of submitting a petition to the court. In this scenario, you could ask for an urgent order to be made ex parte in the event that time is of the essential.

This indicates that the court would take action on the subject rapidly, and without providing prior notice to the other side, and the Duty Registrar is authorised to deal with interim orders even if the respondent has not been served or notified. In addition, this indicates that the court would take immediate action on the subject. In addition, this suggests that the court will move quickly in response to the issue at hand.

Clock Next to a file that read Ex Parte

The proceedings

The following is a list of the grounds for which the judicial proceedings in which KDK Family Law was recently given urgent instructions to make an ex parte application (one in which the other spouse was not given the opportunity to comment or present):

1. An antisuit injunction, which prevents the other spouse from asking a court in another country to settle their property dispute; 

2.A court order that prevents the other spouse from leaving the territory of the Commonwealth of Australia (assuming that the individual in question is a citizen of a country other than Australia); and 

3.An order that was removed from the injunction that prohibited the other spouse from acting unilaterally and without our client’s approval while dealing with a sizeable quantity of money; this order had been previously included. 


The results of it

In spite of the incredibly little notice that was provided when the application was submitted, the hearing was scheduled for the morning after the application was presented, and after that, orders were issued.

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