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Preview of form 13 financial statement family court of WA

A Form 13 Financial Statement is a document often used in contested proceedings in the Family Court of Western Australia.

Where can I get  a Form 13 (financial statement)?

The form 13 can be found from the Court website and downloaded in Word. Alternatively KDK Family Law can send you a blank word copy of the Form 13.

Please refer to the Form 13 financial statement kit to know more 

Do I need to file a Form 13?

  • If you are involved in a property case then you will be required to file this document as part of the proceedings.
  • Sometimes in parenting cases you will also be required to file a Form 13

Do I need an accountant for file financial statement (Form 13)?

If you finances are complicated it is important to consult your accountant in the preparation of the document, together with your lawyer as the consequences are significant. That is to say that this document once signed is that same as an affidavit – it is sworn or affirmed.

Litigants need to look at their income and expenditure as with their net asset position, which can be difficult as the document reflects a weekly figure, whilst many expenses (such as power, water and insurance premiums) fall in non-weekly payments.

Do you need help in the preparation of a form 13?

If your circumstances are not straightforward or you need assistance in the preparation of a Form 13 Financial Statement then please contact KDK Family Law to assist you with this task.